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Allergy Headache Relief without pills: Get rid of allergy headaches without medication

2010 July 1

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Allergy headaches can be brought on by either seasonal allergies (such as pollen or hay fever), or food allergies. Allergy headaches may cause sinus pain, migraines, or cluster migraines. Initial thoughts towards allergies were that they could not be cured. While this is still true in many cases, there is much that can be done for allergy headache relief.

An allergist will be able to determine any allergies that are environmental. This is done by exposing you to dozens of common allergens in very small amounts. These are applied painlessly to the skin, and any reaction denotes an allergy. Food allergies are harder to determine. In the past, doctors have recommended cutting out certain foods, one at a time for at least a week, to determine if there was any connection to adverse symptoms. Now, doctors believe that keeping track of foods that were eaten prior to the onset of a headache will be more likely to show allergens.

If you don’t like pills, your allergist or doctor may be able to prescribe nasal sprays and other forms of prescription medications for you. You may also want to consider allergy shots for allergy headache relief. However, this process takes months or even years before it shows effect, and any break means staring all over again.

Homeopathic remedies are an effective alternative treatment for allergies. Homeopathic tinctures have been around for over 200 years, and many of the thousands of formulas are designed to treat allergies. Consulting with a homeopath will allow you to find the best treatment, as many tinctures are designed for specific symptoms.

Natural treatments which work for migraines may also be helpful in allergy headache relief. However, sorting through the mountains of information on alternative treatments becomes frustrating fast. In addition, many of these natural “cures” have no proof for their claims.

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