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Immediate relief for migraine: get rid of a migraine headache quickly

2010 June 24

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Migraine can be one of the most annoying and uncomfortable diseases. More and more are suffering from migraines, migraine attacks, which can last for days. Although there are numerous methods to relief migraine, there are only a few immediate reliefs for migraine. Having a migraine without any pain relief can get you into a vicious circle, causing more headaches and pain.

A good and working immediate relief for migraine is having a rest. Sleeping disorders are common causes of migraine, which causes can be eliminated with rest. You should go to a dark and silent room when having a migraine attack, lie down, relax, and close your eyes until you feel better. You might even take a small nap during the day as soon as the attacks come. A good rest can help you escape from stress, anxiety and those severe headaches.

Nothing can make you more vulnerable and cause you migraine than dehydration on hot days. Some people only feel thirst and discomfort, but people who suffer frequently from migraines can easily get one from dehydration. Breathing problems can also cause migraine, so relax and stay calm, deep breath, slowly and regularly, drink plenty of water to immediately relief the pain caused by migraine.

Head massage is another useful relief for migraine and when none of the above mentioned immediate reliefs for migraine work take painkillers or triptan. Frova, Zomig, Imitrex and Treximet are all immediate migraine abortive triptans, which can instantly kill your migraine attack. You might consume little amounts of cola or coffee, but if you are allergic to caffeine try and take some light pain-relievers like Aspirin, Advil or Ibuprofen. Beware , there can be side effects.

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