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Migraine relief for children: Easy migraine relief for the young ones

2010 June 24

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Unfortunately nowadays more and more children are suffering from frequent migraines; according to a study, about 10% of children suffer from migraine. There can be several factors causing migraines for children, but fortunately there are easy methods also for migraine relief for children. The most common and easiest method to relieve the migraine of your children is rest. Rest usually alleviates migraine, and no matter if you use other methods too, try and make your children rest, have a small nap during the day and try to encourage your child to go to bed early.

The two most common causes of migraine in case of children and adults too are missed meals and lack of rest and sleep. Irregular eating, skipping meals can frequently cause migraine and so is irregular sleeping. If your child is not yet an adolescent you can easily get him used to regular eating and sleeping, which will not only be beneficial on the short run, but will have results in a long term, minimising the risk of frequent migraines.

Keeping a diary about your children’s’ migraine symptoms and possible triggers can ease your job in finding methods for migraine relief for children. This way you will be on a daily basis with all symptoms and have higher chances to eliminate the causes. Put an accent on stress, anxiety and eating disorders, because these factors can easily cause migraine. There are cases when these migraine relief methods do not work effectively for your children; in this case giving painkillers like ibuprofen for your child is necessary. Children should have access to painkillers for migraine but you have to be careful not to overdose, because they can get easily addicted to them. There are chronic migraines which cannot be treated with simple painkillers; for these there are prescription medicaments. In this severe case always consult your doctor or therapist for the proper treatment, because these migraine relief methods cannot be done at home.

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