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Status migraine treatment | How to treat a long-lasting migraine headache

2010 May 23

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Most people are inclined to say that migraines are intense headaches. However, a migraine is much more than that. It is defined as an intense and pulsing pain located, generally, in one side of the head, but it can also be a more generalized pain.

The most common symptoms are nausea and discomfort generated by light or noise. The best way to react when you start having a migraine is to rest in a quiet and dark environment.

A status migraine is a type of migraine which usually lasts for more than seventy-two hours. It develops around the walls of the affected vessels and it is prolonged by their inflammation. Being such a severe type of migraine, sometimes the individual needs to be hospitalised.

Usually, they are caused by stress, anger, depression or any other sudden mood swing. However, they could also appear as a reaction to food (chocolate, cheese, meat or even wine) or light and noise intensity. People who suffer from this condition are advised to try to anticipate by recognising the symptoms prior to the event which is triggering their migraines.

Status migraines affect both children and adults, but more cases have been reported by adults. Additionally, women are affected more than men by these migraines because of the hormonal fluctuations determined by estrogen and progesterone.

The traditional status migraine treatment includes the prescription of corticosteroids for reducing the inflammation, beta-blockers, Inderal, Blocadren or Corgard, depending of each patient’s side effects, at first in a low dose and as time passes by, it is slowly increased. In order to reduce the pain, even antidepressants can be recommended. If the pain is too severe and the individual needs hospitalization, he/she will be treated with dihydroergotamine mesylate intravenously.

However, some people prefer alternative status migraine treatment, such as massage or acupuncture.

A series of actions which could prevent status migraines consist in avoiding low blood sugar levels, getting enough rest and enough exercise.

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